At The Aspen Group, you’re not just a client

And to The Aspen Group, this is not just a job.

We’re all partners working together to find the best solution to your situation . . . whether you’re seeking accreditation or Medicare deemed status, or need help preparing for a survey, or creating a plan of correction.
We’ve had many years of experience in the healthcare field. But the consulting work we’ve been doing since we started The Aspen Group in the Spring of 2009, has brought us more joy than anything else we’ve done in our careers.
We’re passionate about what we do. And it shows. We love the clients we partner with. We work with clients in the home health care, hospice, DME, and pharmacy industries . . . creating custom strategies that lead them to success.
We love helping our clients and being part of their solution. And we connect with our clients in a unique way. In fact, we continue to provide support for almost every company we’ve ever worked with. 

Our Bios

Both of us had very successful healthcare careers prior to starting The Aspen Group. We worked in home health care, pharmacy, DME, facility nursing and infusion. We worked as RN’s and also held various positions in Administration including CEO and COO. The care and compassion we shared with our patients is evident now in the way we take care of our clients. . . partnering with them to help them reach their organizational goals.

Community Involvement


The Aspen Group understands that our success depends on the support of our clients and community, and not just our own abilities. That's why we are intentional about sharing our time, skills, and resources to help others experience the kind of success we've been fortunate to experience.
To do that responsibly we've taken the time to research the organizations we support to insure they share our values: accountability, sustainability, and a community-driven approach locally and around the world.


We are accessible to our clients and prospects. If you have any questions for us, we can be reached by phone or email.