Case studies

Home Health Agency Mock Survey 

Heavenly Nurses Home Health is an ACHC accredited agency located in Laredo, Texas. 
After signing a consulting agreement with Aspen Healthcare Consulting in February 2012, a mock survey was conducted which identified some key areas the agency needed to address in order to maintain their required ongoing compliance.
The consultants immediately went to work with the agency to create strategies and procedures to improve the identified areas of non-compliance.
In March 2012, ACHC conducted an unannounced survey at the Heavenly Nurses Home Health agency. Not only was this an unannounced survey, it was also unexpected, because it did not occur within the normal tri-annual timeframe. 
The survey revealed that the items found by Aspen Healthcare Consulting during the mock survey in the previous month had either already been corrected or procedures had been implemented to correct the issues. 

Accreditation of Pharmacy/DME Provider

Ward Road Pharmacy is located in Arvada, Colorado, and was established in 1981. 
In 2009, the State of Colorado required all DME providers to have proof of accreditation in order to bill Medicaid for DME products. 
Ward Road Pharmacy initiated the required accreditation process with an accreditation organization. They created a 2000-page policy and procedure manual. However, they needed help navigating the remaining steps in the process.
In July 2009, Ward Road Pharmacy contracted with Aspen Healthcare Consulting. Aspen Healthcare Consulting assisted them in the completion and submission of their applications, and also trained the staff on the requirements for accreditation according to their policy and procedure manual.
Ward Road Pharmacy’s initial accreditation survey was in October 2009, and it was deficiency free. Aspen Healthcare Consulting has continued to provide support for the pharmacy, and their next survey (tri-annual), in January 2013, was also deficiency free.

Agency Placed in Immediate Jeopardy

In 2010, a 33-year old health care agency in Colorado was placed in Immediate Jeopardy as a result of a State survey. The agency was given only 30 days to come into compliance or be closed by the State. 
The Section Chief with the State Department of Health recommended to the Agency Administrator that they contact Aspen Healthcare Consulting.
Aspen Healthcare Consulting entered the agency and identified all the standards that were out of compliance. They then worked with the staff to create a detailed plan with a multiple-step approach that would be acceptable to the State and would move the agency back into compliance within the 30-day requirement.
Aspen Healthcare Consulting then provided evidence to the State Department of Health that the agency was again operating within the State guidelines. 
The follow-up survey by the State was successful and the staff was trained by Aspen Healthcare Consulting to maintain compliance as they continue running the agency.