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If you are reading these testimonials, I guess you are a provider.  I wish you success.  Being an entrepreneur most of my life, I know how difficult it is to start a new business and even tougher to start a healthcare business. You need assistance from smart, caring, dedicated and hard-working professionals.  Aspen Healthcare Consulting are exactly those people.
For us they were, and still are, a lighthouse - helping us to stay focused, and to find and stay on the right path.
My thanks to Tammy, we owe you big time after everything you have done for us!
Azat Akhmetov, Owner

24/7 Home Health Care

Home Health Care Agency Start-Up

State Licensure

Aspen Healthcare Consulting delivered more than they promised. Tammy makes the consultation process truly a collaborative effort. She is a joy to work with. 
I needed a consultant who would be flexible and patient with me and still strong enough to keep me on task and on the right path to reaching my goal. I highly recommend Aspen Healthcare Consulting for medical and non-medical consultation services.
We passed our State of Colorado licensing survey with flying colors. The surveyors raved about our policies and operational processes and we simply could not have done it without Aspen Healthcare Consulting.
Todd Chambers, LCSW, President

All the Comfort of Home, Inc.

Accreditation / Deemed Status

ACHC Accreditation

We have been working with Aspen Healthcare Consulting since November, 2011 and have nothing but great things to say about Tammy's expertise, guidance, support, and encouragement. She fully prepared us for ACHC accreditation and have supported us in every way ever since. Tammy is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with!
Betsy Hart, Owner/Administrator

HandPrints Home Health

Regulatory Compliance

Upon learning of the new requirements for operating a non-medical Class B home care agency, we decided we needed to be prepared for these new requirements. Having never dealt with the health department or surveys before, we knew we needed guidance. 
We contacted Aspen Healthcare Consulting and were greatly relieved once we met with them and learned how they could help us. We knew that running a home care business was something we were good at, but taking the time to implement all of the new requirements would take away from providing good care and attention to our business. 
Tammy from Aspen Healthcare Consulting worked with us to enable us to be a better company and meet the requirements the state wanted us to meet. I highly recommend using them for any type of consultation in the home care industry. We have had two surveys with zero deficiencies both times, thanks to them.
David Lewis, Owner

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