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Remarks of CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt at the Marketplace Innovation Conference

Welcome. And thank you for coming to a session that allows us to look at a deeper level at what is happening inside the Health Insurance Marketplace. And I’m not talking about what’s in the headlines, but below the surface– what’s happening with millions of Americans as they get coverage– many for the first time– and also how the system is adapting. At the same time, the consumer is beginning through the Marketplace to shape many of the changes in health care as they make decisions about the coverage and care they want.

Marketplace Success Stories

By Kevin Counihan, Health Insurance Marketplace CEO 
Three years in, the Health Insurance Marketplace is a competitive, growing and dynamic platform – a transparent market where issuers compete on price and quality, and people across the country are finding health plans that meet their needs, and their budgets.

The Proof is in the Numbers: DMEPOS and Health Outcomes Data

By Sean Cavanaugh, CMS Deputy Administrator and Director, Center for Medicare
When the Medicare program implements changes to how it pays for medical care or equipment, CMS monitors to make sure that any adjustments meet our goals of preserving access to care and facilitating better health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries.

Pitching Medicaid IT in Silicon Valley

By Andy Slavitt, CMS Acting Administrator @aslavitt 
Earlier this year, I announced a new effort to connect new, innovative companies and their investors to the state Medicaid program IT space. Since this announcement, I have been encouraged by the initial interest from companies that may not have otherwise ever thought about participating in this important health insurance program that covers more than 72 million Americans.  

Medicaid: Keeping Moms Healthy

By: Patrick Conway, M.D., Principal Deputy Administrator and CMS Chief Medical Officer and Vikki Wachino CMS Deputy Administrator and Director for the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS)
More than any other health insurance program, Medicaid plays a key role in promoting the health of new mothers. Covering roughly half of births, Medicaid is there for new moms and their babies right from the beginning. We’re excited to showcase two ways that Medicaid can help get new moms and their babies off to the best possible start.